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Re: About glibc-bsd at your site.

On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 03:20:23AM +0200, Halil Demirezen wrote:
> I Robert,
> I downloaded your gnu-kfreebsd.tar.bz2. Step by Step,
> I firstly, copied /lib and /libfbsd to the filesystem
> of FreeBSD installed box at base level. Then, randomly
> i (cp -rfp)ed the other directories. However, some of
> the binaries that require lib* did not get great results
> and some installation scripts errored out with a message
> : install-info(/usr/share/info/ipc.info.gz): failed to 
> lock dir for editing! File exists. Try deleting /usr/
> share/info/dir.lock. I surely tried it. However, there
> has been no further step i could take to overcome this.
> If you are able to run your bz2 in your freebsd box safely
> and if it is working ok. Would you tell me what steps 
> should i take to make the system work. what steps to 
> fork getty safely?

The bug you describe is a known one in dpkg which slipped into
our tarball.

It should work fine with a more recent tarball, but the current
one in ftp.gnuab.org still has some bugs.

I suggest you wait for the next upload when it is fixed.

Robert Millan

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