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Hi, a new effort on Debian/K*BSD

Hi all,

I really think of porting debian userland to *BSD kernels, so that,
I've made a little search on possible projects on debian. And I've 
seen that there is a project holding on. To be initial overview, I
want to take a part on this project. 

I have been using Debian/Linux for about 3 and a half years. And 
lately, I've been using FreeBSD (as a whole OS) for about 6-7 months.
I am a CS student at Ege University, Computer Enginneering Department,
Izmir, Turkey. During my courses, I allways have been interested in
Operating System Internals and all System programmings on POSIXed 
OSes. And my graduate thesis is writing a multiprocess and POSIXed
kernel. Of course, all alone, i can not walk too far in the short terms.

I see, a great effort is now on progress making Debian BSD port. I 
surely appreciate it. Thus, I want to a part of this project. I am
currently reading mail archive to catch the current project status.

So, How can I help you? What should I do to put my skills and enthesuaism
to this project to process it faster.


Halil Demirezen.

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