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Re: Glibc-based Debian GNU/KNetBSD

Hi Nathan;
> Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck interesting anyone in merging it.
> Possibly because of compatibility issues, and possibly because the specs
> for both of those things are kind of icky. Then again, it might simply
> have had to do with the development cycle for FreeBSD.

Admitedly, at first, it's difficult to grab the attention of the FreeBSD
developers. They won't come looking for you :(. Do you have Problem Reports
(send-pr) for those issues? You must submit Problem Reports and ideally you
should also be subscribed to freebsd-standards@FreeBSD.org .

>From my experience with FreeBSD, I agree with Perry: there is no chance FreeBSD
will ever adopt glibc as it's standard. From the outdated glibc documentation at
the FSF site, it would seem like glibc was made to be a secondary libc though.

The KSE work on FreeBSD is also very impressive and although some concepts are
shared with NetBSD's SA, the implementations are completely different. We
currently have 3 libraries but we'll slowly deprecate two of them, I think we
already support ELF's RTL, the experts live in the freebsd-threads lists though.



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