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Re: A request from the NetBSD folks [ please discuss ]

Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org> schrieb am 02.12.03 21:51:20:
> I've been contacted by a member of the NetBSD team, who expressed that the
> general opinion seems to be that "Debian GNU/KNetBSD" is a better name for
> the port than "Debian GNU/NetBSD", both because it is more specific about

If the NetBSD people are concerned about that, why should we not help them?


> what's going on, and because it doesn't dilute the NetBSD trademark. While
> the former is less true of, say, my work, the latter is certainly a valid
> concern.
> Of course, this leads to the question of naming things for the ports
> that use native libc rather than GNU libc.
> KLNetBSD (Kernel + Libc)?
> KCNetBSD (Kernel + libC, Kernel + Core)?
> CNetBSD (Core)?
> Debian GNU/MostlyNetBSD? NotQuiteNetBSD? :)
> But seriously - since it is not unreasonable to view "NetBSD" as not only
> /usr/src, but /usr/pkgsrc and the bug system and everything the project
> does, is there some meaningful way of representing what pieces we *are*
> using, for those of us using the kernel and libc?
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