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Re: Glibc-based Debian GNU/KNetBSD

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On Tuesday 02 December 2003 07:58 am, Robert Millan wrote:

> No, we combine the advantages of Debian, GNU, and the kernel of NetBSD.
> The superiority of GNU userland repect to NetBSD's is an issue too, and you
> seem to be ignoring it.

I'm sorry, but this I have to respond to.

I don't see the GNU userland as supperior.  I see it as annoying.  GNU isn't 
better, just different.  And those differences drive me nuts.

But, that asside...  what you have been proposing seems to be taking NetBSD 
and removing all but the kernel.  In that case, it's not NetBSD anymore.  
NetBSD works as well as it does because libc and all the other system 
components are integrated and work well together.  You'll never end up with a 
libc vs. kernel issue, where I've seen many people hurt themselves by 
upgrading package X which upgraded glibc on linux which then broke half the 
other binaries.

That aside, insulting a group you're trying to work with seems 
counter-productive.  Are you certain you're not Stallman in disguise?

- --Michael
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