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Re: fakeroot for GNU/FreeBSD, cont'd

> Which version of libtool are you using? The only one that supports
> GNU/FreeBSD is my hacked package of 1.5, which is the APT repository
> and installed in khazad (/usr/bin/libtool)

ltmain.sh (GNU libtool) 1.5 (1.1220.2.1 2003/04/14 22:48:00)

(I'm using khazad's libtool.)

> If you're using that version, please tell me how to reproduce this error.

Grab fakeroot_0.7.4.tar.gz from khazad:~clint/ or incoming.debian.org.
Note that the libtool shipped with the sources doesn't produce this
error, so run `autoreconf -f -i -s -v' in the unpacked source directory.
`debian/rules build' should get you the aforementioned error and some
dlsym failures in the `make check' run because libtool refused to link
against libdl.

I see numerous other libraries on the system that are linked to libdl.

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