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re: Tried to compile pppd but no luck

   - "makext" probably means userland, so "sys-bsd.c" is highly likely to assume
   FreeBSD. we have GNU userland, which is what the sources call "linux", so
   we set makext="linux" (it's ugly to call it like this, but i can live with
   it ;))

no.  "sys-bsd.c" is the code to talk to a BSD-like ppp kernel driver.
you will definately want this.
   If my guess about makext is right, sys-linux.c would work for us after
   getting rid of some linuxisms. (the first "#if __GLIBC__ >= 2" looks
   very nice :))

(hmmm my netbsd tree only has sys-bsd.c ....)  i really would be surprised
if sys-linux.c is what you want for a freebsd kernel.
   > Checking the configure script at the top level seems that it patches the
   > freebsd kernel (version 3 and others ancient versions).
   This is getting more confusing :(. Maybe it means FreeBSD 3.x and lower
   didn't support PPP natively..

freebsd have changed preferred ppp implemetation from the normal pppd
that everyone else (heh) uses to their userland ppp that uses tun(4)
instead of ppp(4) i think?
   Anyway, if FreeBSD 5.x supports their own PPP, their kernel must be patched

i would be rather surprised if you needed to patch the kernel for
ppp at this stage....


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