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Re: FreeBSD patch for dpkg?

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 09:42:16PM +0100, Dan Walrond wrote:
> >From what I can see, as these ports are meant to be Debian ported to
> *BSD the core of the OS should be as much of *BSD as possible. So the
> ports should be using the BSD's libc hacked to work with the Debian
> userland. I feel that the Debian/*BSD ports will have more respect if
> it's using BSD's libc rather than glibc. As what's the point for porting
> Debian to *BSD if it's mainly a GNU core. User take up of the port will
> be greater if it's something different from Debian GNU/Linux. And I feel
> it'll make Debian more of the Universial OS if these ports use libc. As
> if you're wanting the benafits of glibc then the kernel should be Linux
> or the HURD.
I agree, fwiw.

On that topic, is there a list/page/something somewhere with the goals of this
project? As far as I'm concerned, I want to work towards having a
debian-packaging system on the *bsds, rather than anything else. That's
the thing I miss most on bsd systems, rather than the lack of true-gnu
tools (for the most part, if I need them I can install them from ports,
or they're already part of the base system, or the base system's
versions work well enough).

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