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Re: Converting to Debian

Ben Bass said:
> I'm working for a small ISP and we currently run BSD/OS 4.3.  Been quite
> disappointed with it lately and looking to convert over to Debian.  I've
> searched all over but I can't find any good info on converting BSD's
> password file to Debian.  Anyone with experience with this?

If you mean Debian GNU/Linux, you're asking in the wrong place.

If you mean Debian (Free|Net)BSD, I suggest you look elsewhere. The ports
have made great progress, but I think the developers would agree that
deploying them in a production environment would be unconscionable.

In the case of an ISP, I expect your priorities are reliability and
simplicity, rather than powerful tools for managing packages, cruft, etc.
Given this, and your current setup, I'd consider using the standard
FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD distributions before Linux.


John Ineson

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