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console-* tools and debian-installer for Debian/*bsd


I'm the console-{tools,data} maintainer and a debian-installer hacker;
in particular I'm working on getting d-i working on each debian arch:
(see http://people.debian.org/~mckinstry/ports-status.html)

I am interested in the state of the Debian/BSD port; specifically in two
(1) I'm working on console-tools "next generation" in kbd-chooser, a kbd
selection utility (first for d-i, then replacing console-common with it
when its stable). Whats different about the keymap  / font stuff in
Debian/BSD and what would be required for supporting both Debian
GNU/Linux & Debian GNU/*BSD?

(2) I'm downloading & testing out the install floppies. Do you expect /
intend to use d-i in the future? What would Debian/*BSD need to use the
d-i system (other than a different kernel installer, obviously;
bootloader changes? filesystem? 

Alastair McKinstry

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