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Re: Development Summary?

Joel Baker wrote:

>> I read the port web pages of the NetBSD and FreeBSD but I'm confused
>> anyway. ;-)


> We've been sort of bad about keep the status page up to date, at least for
> NetBSD. Should probably fix that. :)

Yes, indeed. But there too few hints on dates, e. g. the To Do List: no date for the updates, and the last date of the boot floppies are 6th obtover 2002. Not a sign of a very active development if you won't read the mailing list. ;-)

> Test install stuff is problematic, apart from the floppies (which I believe are still up to date), though there is a pre-build chroot available now which more or less works, for netbsd-i386 (see the debian-bsd.lightbearer.com page).

A step by step instruction page for each way (floppies/ chroot) will clearify the braveness you need if you suppose to test it. ;-) I simply miss some Howtos or even links to the mailing lists for workarounds etc.

>> Don't missunderstand me, I'd like to help. So I would suggest to add/
>> change the following things: - release test images with changelog
> The main problem with doing this is that we don't yet have support for
> debootstrap, or all of the Essential packages. It's getting better, and
> closer, but we're not there quite yet.

To get a better impression of your work: how much is done? 30 percent? 40 percent?


Manuel Hoppe

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