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Re: Glibc-based GNU/FreeBSD

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 12:34:45PM +0300, Wartan Hachaturow wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 05:37:59PM -0500, Nathan Hawkins wrote:
> > Increasingly, I wonder about going back to the native libc. and
> > continuing to develop things like utmpx or libshadow. Keeping glibc
> > working and in sync with the kernel looks like a full-time job, and I
> > cannot do it.
> Yay! That's what I've been saying long time ago ;)

I suspected that, but thought it might be worth trying glibc, since
someone else was porting it. If the port was complete, and he was going
to maintain it, it might be. As it is, I don't have the time or
knowledge to complete it. I _definitely_ don't have time to maintain it.

I've seen discussions of adding NSS to FreeBSD. (I understand it's
partly there in 5.0) Perhaps libshadow could be reworked into that. At
the moment, I'm thinking of splitting the functionality. If I port the
ability to read glibc-style passwd/shadow files to FreeBSD's NSS, it
should be possible to make libshadow only layer getsp* functions over
libc. Done right, native FreeBSD would be able to use passwd/shadow
files copied from a Linux box, and freebsd-i386 could use a compatible


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