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Re: glibc vs BSD libc

In the last episode (Jan 20), Atifa Kheel said:
> e)Other Streams(like string streams,Obstack streams,etc)
> glibc: Supported
> BSD libc: Not Supported.

BSD supports funopen() which allows the user to create handles for
arbitrary stream types.


> Shell Style word expansion
> (Eg:wordexp,wordfree)
> glibc: Supported
> BSD libc: Not Supported.

wordexp/wordfree are in 5.0, so they will probably be backported to 4.*
at some point.

> 23.
> System database and name service switch(NSS)
> glibc: Supported
> BSD libc: NSS not supported.Incompatible shadow and password support  and ancient utmp.
> (Problem Solved by writing a library libshadow)

User applications should not need to know about FreeBSD's shadow
password style, so that shouldn't really matter.
> 25.
> System Information
> glibc: Supported
> BSD libc: utsname() not Supported.

uname() is the correct function name (the data is returned in a struct
utsname), and BSD supports it.
> 27.
> Large file support
> (fseeko64,ftello64)
> glibc: Supported
> BSD libc: Not Supported.

BSD has supported large files far longer than Linux has.  fseeko and
ftello are the functions you should use.  fseeko64 is sort of redundant :)

	Dan Nelson

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