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Re: Glibc upload this weekend

> The arm bug isn't fixed in CVS - It's a toolchain problem that I'll work
> around with a local hack to disable combreloc.  HPPA hasn't submitted
> yet.  Last I heard ia64's patch wasn't in CVS yet, and I have no idea
> what's up with Sparc.  So it doesn't seem like post of the arch bugs are
> in CVS right now.  I hope we can change that, though.
> Let's see how necessary it is.  We can always do a CVS pull after this
> upload.

HPPA glibc 2.3.1 is completed, and I just finished writing the last of
the 6 changelogs for the upstream patches. I began working on the debian
package install and found a few issues in my chroot (as you will notice
by my recent post to debian-glibc).

My own personal testing was rather lax, and I've set myself the firm goal
of doing a better job for the next glibc release. As such I'm doing an
install on three chroots unstable/testing/stable and finally a live
system test. Patches get the usual treatment of testing with the glibc
testsuite, and HPPA hasn't gotten any prettier, any worse. 
I'm also taking care not to break x86 and Alpha with these patches 
(if you have a fast PowerPC box you would like to send me for testing 
purposes... there is still space on my rack for it :).

I hope to have testing started and completed between Friday->Saturday.
With upstream patches posted tommorow.


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