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Re: Glibc upload this weekend

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 07:03:02PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:

> > I would like to do a glibc upload this weekend.

> > The diff from glibc-2.3.1 to current CVS is over 6 Megs.  As such,
> > there's no way we can reasonable pull from it.

> Why not? It is quite frequent to do exactly that. I guarantee you that
> most of the non-i386 architectures will require CVS patches. You may
> aswell pull it in.

Because it's also got a large regex rewrite that they're still finding
bugs and leaks in.  So we'd be trying to cope with that at the same
time.  I wouldn't mind so much if we actually had a version in testing,
but we don't seem to.

The arm bug isn't fixed in CVS - It's a toolchain problem that I'll work
around with a local hack to disable combreloc.  HPPA hasn't submitted
yet.  Last I heard ia64's patch wasn't in CVS yet, and I have no idea
what's up with Sparc.  So it doesn't seem like post of the arch bugs are
in CVS right now.  I hope we can change that, though.

Let's see how necessary it is.  We can always do a CVS pull after this

Jeff Bailey

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