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Re: Apt-get repositories: the remaining way to www.debian.org

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 02:15:29PM +0100, Xavier de Labouret wrote:
> > Given that upstream is currently incorporating the autotools updates,
> > and as such, our local autotools-dev should have them (either as a
> > local patch, or a new upstream version) in the near future...
> This is a very good news.
> > ... I'm
> > inclined to try to go the "right" way, with a real archive. 
> This is certainly the ideal. While waiting for this step to be completed,
> is it useful for you if i bug-report high-level apps bugs (X...), for
> it would generate twice workload (you and Matthew patching on your
> repositories)? 
> Or is it too soon for this, and testing should concentrate only on
> fresh installed packages/setup?

In the case of X, you should strongly consider reporting it against the
proper xfree86 package, since it officially supports us at this point in
time - HOWEVER, be very, very careful in doing this, because the maintainer
is quite busy and prone to being annoyed at spurious reports (though he has
no issue with valid ones).

Given that I wrote the patches for xfree86 to support NetBSD, and that
Branden will probably just turn around and ask me what's up, if it's a
NetBSD specific problem, you should probably at least pass it by me first,
at this stage in the game. Long-term, they'll all go to the BTS, but since
you're the first person to find a bug on the platform (I can only do basic
testing, right now), and doing alpha guinea-pig work (which I, at least,
deeply appreciate!), it will cause less havoc to review such things before
submitting (and I may be able to get you a patch faster).
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