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Apt-get repositories: the remaining way to www.debian.org


A few weeks have passed since my first post in this list, and, as a
simple user, i can measure how much progress has been made on

My install test results began with "impossible to pass the nth install
step" and are now at the "can you fix this XFree bug on the default
installation?" status. 

If there is anything i can say, it is thank you guys for this work.

So, as a simple user, i am wondering if time has come to merge the two
Debian/NetBSD apt-get repositories. The fact that my bug reports on IRC
concern more high-level packages lets me think that this time is near. 

But if anything went as easily as end-users think, life would be probably
too easy :).

Matthew, Joel, can you see remaining blocking steps for this merge? And,
from where we are, what do we still need to have an official
Debian/NetBSD repository on www.debian.org? 

Thank you in advance,

Xavier de Labouret

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