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Re: BSD 'window' instead of 'screen' on Debian

Pieter-Paul Spiertz wrote:

I recently saw someone playing with a window-like interface in textmode.
It was not screen, but 'window' - a program from the BSD base system. It does
not seem to be available as a Debian package, nor can I find it with a quick
search in the Debian/FreeBSD package list (and it's not {freebsd-build|shell|
disk|main|net|proc|sys-utils} either.)

There is no current package list for freebsd-i386. :( I don't believe I have built BSD window. In any case, the packages you're referring to are based on the FreeBSD libc, and would be of no help to you on glibc.

Is there an easy way to get this BSD functionality on Debian?

That depends on what's wrong with it. I may be able to help, I've spent some time in the last couple months porting BSD sources to run on glibc.
It's generally more tedious than difficult.

Just getting some cvs version and trying a pmake is giving me symbols trouble,
and I don't find help on the Debian/FreeBSD website.

Could you provide some more information about just what you're having trouble with? Is it failing while compiling or linking? A copy of the exact error(s) you get would be most useful.

Sorry about the website, it's pretty useless right now. I've been working hard on getting the system working.


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