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Re: status debian/openbsd

* Michael Goetze (mgoetze5@yahoo.com) [021030 10:11]:
> > The value of an OpenBSD port extends beyond the potential security
> > benefits. Making packages portable across kernels is very valuable. I
> > would like to be able to go into any OS and run a Debian system.
> The point is that, as far as I understood things, Andreas' Debian/OpenBSD was
> not about porting Debian to OpenBSD but, rather, to package OpenBSD with dpkg.
> >From what you say, I gather you want something more like the
> Debian/{Net,Free}BSD ports.
> Does anyone have any comments on how (non)trivial it would be to package the
> OpenBSD kernel/libc, given the already- and soon-to-be-existing Debian/NetBSD
> infrastructure?

just those two? that is easy/done. dpkg and dpkg-buildpackage work on
obsd with some workarounds for the gnu/bsd tools. what will not
be so easy is the whole rest, since you need the broken bsd
binutils. I do not know how feasable a hybrid system is. 

one could try to replace the libc with glibc, too, like {net,free}bsd.

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