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Re: status debian/openbsd

Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> said:
> My point was that there was not so much to win securitywise with this port.

OpenBSD appears to be more heavily audited though. Maybe it's just
appearance. You may have seen in the Debian Weekly News that I'm working
on a rough audit project and in such I would like to say that security
must include a heavy code audit.

The value of an OpenBSD port extends beyond the potential security
benefits. Making packages portable across kernels is very valuable. I
would like to be able to go into any OS and run a Debian system.

I'm sure you've heard these arguments and so I won't ask you to drudge on
with the port, but I do hope that the port continues. Thanks for the work
you've put in on this.

     Drew Daniels

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