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re: Dependancy info for libc12

   Okay. So it's a matter of historical FUBARism - which means I should, at
   the very least, have a FIXME to find some way to fix it, and not turn
   off the warnings.
   NetBSD arguments aside, this information *should* be used on Debian, simply
   because it becomes very important when trying to maintain the metadata
   about what packages depend on what libraries, properly...

in netbsd, all these libs are installed on every system so it isn't
much of an issue....
   Suggestions on how to properly figure out which libraries things must link
   against (especially involving libraries which may or may not be present,
   such as libi386 and libm387 - especially the latter) would be appreciated.

well, libi386 is linked into applications that use "-li386".  however,
libm387 is, i believe, specially selected by ld.elf_so instead of libm
when the copro is present.  this entry is /etc/ld.so.conf does this

	libm.so.0       machdep.fpu_present     1:libm387.so.0,libm.so.0

nothing does "-lm387" manually that i'm aware of.

here's what i can tell you:

	- everything depends on libc.

	- libcdk probably depends on libcurses

	- libcurses depends on libtermcap _I THINK_

	- all the kerkeros libraries probably depend on -lroken, and maybe
	more other krb support libraries.
		- libcom_err
		- libgssapi
		- libhdb
		- libkadm
		- libkadm5clnt
		- libkadm5srv
		- libkafs
		- libkdb
		- libkrb
		- libkrb5
		- libkstream
		- libsl
		- libss
	[ i THINK all these are the krb libraries ]

	- libmenu and libform depend on libcurses

	- libposix probably does NOT depend on libc

that may be all there is?  i dunno...


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