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xfree86 4.2.1-1 builds on netbsd-i386

XFree86 v. 4.2.1, Debian patchlevel 1, now has patches to make it compile
in my netbsd-i386 (kernel 1.6, libc 12.83) chroot. All of these patches
are now in the BTS and should make it into the xfree86 package in the
relatively near future (as Branden has time to verify they don't break
other things, etc.)

That being done, I have uploaded the hand-build libc/libc-dev packages
to the archive, and am slowly working on manually rebuilding *every*
package that is in the chroot, and either:

1) Putting it aside with a note about outstanding bugs/issues, if it has
   bugs that are in the BTS but not yet resolved.

2) Putting it into a FIXME area if it has bugs that I have not yet
   managed to patch and submit patches for.

3) Being uploaded, if it is *absolutely clean* - that is, if it builds
   without anything more than dpkg-buildpackage -sd, does not have any
   obvious quirks (including config.sub/guess problems) in the logs,
   has no problem with dpkg-shlibdeps, and appears to produce a working

Archive is available at:

deb http://debian-bsd.lightbearer.com/debian-bsd unstable main contrib non-free
deb http://debian-bsd.lightbearer.com/debian-bsd experimental main contrib non-free

(No, I still haven't resolved the uploading issues for other folks;
however, there IS an outstanding bug against ftp.debian.ogr, requesting
archive space)
Joel Baker                           System Administrator - lightbearer.com
lucifer@lightbearer.com              http://users.lightbearer.com/lucifer/

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