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re: Debian BSD minor projects

   >    * Port and package UFS mkfs and fsck for Linux. Hurd might use this as 
   >    well. Might be issues with differences between the BSD's. FreeBSD has 
   >    some recent features that may not be in Net or Open. (Soft updates, 
   >    snapshotting, etc.) I'm not sure if those would cause problems.
   > everyone has soft updates, but snapshots are freebsd only at
   > this stage as far as i know....  they shouldn't affect your
   > uses, but i could be wrong.
   I'm not sure exactly how far the code has diverged. If I run NetBSD's 
   fsck or newfs on FreeBSD, would it confuse FreeBSD? Would it work the 
   other way round? Maybe someone who dual-boots them could answer that.

i have no idea.

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