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Re: [d-i] Yet Another bug with pre-sprintf malloc:ing

* Martin Sjögren 

| ons 2002-08-28 klockan 16.45 skrev Tollef Fog Heen:
| > * Colin Walters 
| > 
| > | I guess this is up to Mithrandir...what do you think?
| > 
| > I'd say go ahead.
| Are there any implications for debian/freebsd, or should we take them
| when we get there? asprintf, as it so happens, exists on *bsd too, but
| if we start using _GNU_SOURCE all over we might have problems later.

(Just recording what we said on IRC)

So far -bsd haven't even properly decided on what libc to use.  We
need to have a lot more working Debian/*BSD before we think about
writing an installer for *BSD.

Still, keeping the portability at maximum would be good.

(-bsd Cc-ed, so they can voice their opinions, if any.)

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