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Announcement: new Debian GNU/FreeBSD base tar

I finally made a new tarball for Debian GNU/FreeBSD. You can find it at
This is based on FreeBSD -STABLE, so you will need to have it installed.

Apt is working. You'll want to put the following line into your
deb http://people.debian.org/~utsl/freebsd-i386/debian unstable main

Diffs against debian source packages can be found at

Source packages specific to Debian *BSD can be found under

For information about the current status of freebsd-i386, see the status
document here: http://people.debian.org/~utsl/freebsd-i386/status.html



* libshadow - There is a working libshadow now. Programs that update
  /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow must call spsync(), in order to update
  /etc/pwd.db and /etc/spwd.db. /etc/master.passwd is no longer used
  except as part of the update process. You can manually force a
  rebuild of the db files with mkmasterpw.

* shadow/pam - shadow and pam are now linked against libshadow, and 
  should work as expected, including password aging. Haven't really
  tested pam much yet, but shadow definitely is working.

* I'm not sure /dev is in working order in the tarball. Some of the
  device numbers don't look right. I recommend running MAKEDEV all
  before use. I think cpio is supposed to get the device numbers right,
  so I may try switching over to that.

* The source diff for dpkg isn't there yet. The source tree is a mess.
  I will make a diff as soon as I figure out which directory I built it
  from... Hopefully tomorrow morning.

* You need ~600M of free space to rebuild the freebsd source package.

* I don't have everything in the apt archive yet. This is because
  I'm trying to sort out all the packages that require patches. Packages
  that don't require patches will have a dsc file in freebsd-i386/clean.
  (.dsc is a small file, and helps me track which version worked.)

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