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Re: it is now possible to help debian/openbsd

FYI:  Even if both efforts to marry *BSD and Debian are different
and OpenBSD != NetBSD, I still feel that debian-bsd is the proper
list for discussions, hence, it's forwarded.

Good work btw.



Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> On http://pandora.debian.org/~andreas/obsd are the tools needed
> for creating debian packages of software on openbsd. 
> As stated vaguely half a century earlier, I would like to create a
> secure debian/gnu/openbsd with the best of both worlds. For that
> I would now begin to package the openbsd source tree and slowly 
> transform it to follow policy. 
> This will go faster and will be more fun (yay!) if more then one
> person works on it. So download those tools, install them and
> debianize your openbsd box! Get back to me with questions so some
> basic FAQ can be written.
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