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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd and Debian GNU/*BSD

El dt, 19 mar 2002 18:18:03 Branden Robinson ha escrit:

Yes.  The only thing holding me up with regards to Joel Baker and his
requests for my help are the fact that support for a new "architecture"
has to rank lower on the priority queue than:

1) getting xfree86 and xfree86v3 solid for woody
2) getting 4.2.0 packaged for woody+1

In other words, it's a resource allocation problem, not a philosophical
objection problem.  :)

Of course; well I think it will take some time for Joel to have working patches,
and I agree that the woody release is top priority.

It's fine for me, and I guess so is for Joel :)


Robert Millan          Debian GNU/* user
zeratul2 wanadoo es    http://getyouriso.dyndns.org/

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