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Debian GNU/Hurd and Debian GNU/*BSD


I would like to hear your opinion on Debian's kernel ports. Both
the Hurd and *BSD ports are likely to be ready for release
on woody+1 (sarge?), but there are serious difficulties originated
in the Debian archive structure and dpkg's way of handling

In other words, the Architecture tag, which has served well to
maintain separate architecture ports of Debian, is not flexible
enough to handle kernel ports properly. Nor is a kernel: tag I
sent a wishlist item to dpkg for some time ago (#118910)

We are going to need important changes in the archive system
to obtain a complete Debian GNU/Hurd or Debian GNU/*BSD
distribution. To get an idea on the scope of these changes,
you can refer to this document written by Marcus Brinkmann


However, this document is not a definitive proposal. Jeroen
Dekkers <jeroen@dekkers.cx> is working on a new document
on the same line and will likely speak about it after
the woody release.

My questions for the three candidates are:

  What is your personal opinion on those ports?

  Will you support the above mentioned changes?

Thank you very much for your attention, please keep
the CCs to debian-hurd and debian-bsd


Robert Millan          Debian GNU/* user
zeratul2 wanadoo es    http://getyouriso.dyndns.org/

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