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re: make-bsd, pmake, and /usr/share/mk, oh my

   On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 03:02:26PM +1100, matthew green wrote:
   >    So... pmake claims to be "BSD 4.4 make", and in fact appears to be a not-
   >    unreasonable copy of the NetBSD make sources. Is there any particular
   >    reason that the make-bsd and netbsd-mk packages in the chroot can't be
   >    replaced by the Debian-standard pmake package, if it gets updated (it's
   >    a few revisions behind, it looks like, but that's a wishlist bug for the
   >    author and easy to patch against for us).
   > i don't know how you're building anything, but it's not exactly uncommon
   > for a modern netbsd make to be required to build it.  that's why the first

this "build it" means "build netbsd", BTW.

   > thing our shiny new src/build.sh does it build a copy of src/usr.bin/make
   > without using make :-)
   Uhm. Debian specifies GNU make for all debian/rules files, and pmake is
   a Debian package (and thus has a rules file, to build it...)
   The point is that the NetBSD chroot has packages for 'make-bsd' and
   'netbsd-mk' which provide what appears to be a nearly identical overlap
   of files (modulo version differences; pmake's copy is older than the 1.5.2
   make sources).
   The question was... is there any reason to keep these, or can we simply
   declare a build-dependancy on pmake for building the few things we take
   from NetBSD sources? (IE, libc, kernel, etc - stuff I'm trying to do the
   packages for, now...)

are you going to replicate the build processes for, eg libc and the
kernel?  these are the things i mean that often change and depend
on a newer netbsd /usr/bin/make...

you can try to use pmake!  but it would be advisable to also try to
get it upgraded to a much more recently (read: -current, 1.5 branch
is now >2 years old) version.  i'm merely pointing out where i know
dangers may lie :-)

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