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Re: ed package

* utsl@quic.net (utsl@quic.net) [020204 21:29]:
> I think it would be best if we can agree on a solution that works for all three
> BSD's. That could save work, and it would definitely simplify getting patches
> merged back into Debian.

sadly, openbsd has no getopt_long, only getopt.

of cause there is the gnu subtree in the cvs, where getopt_long
occures. However, even there it is not linked against one lib,
but every (?) program suite brings its own header and c-source
file. I found perhaps a dozent independent pairs.

I am pretty sure that the netbsd and openbsd libc are quite
different by now. (I did not compare them, correct me if I am
wrong.) So I guess a cross platform patch is not really feasable
for openbsd.

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