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Re: i386 library

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 08:48:02PM +1100, matthew green wrote:
>    XFree86 is wanting to link against libi386, which appears to be a NetBSD
>    specific library to handle some special processor manipulation. Can this
>    be ported to Debian? Should it? Is there a reasonable way to work around
>    code which wants these? Advice from NetBSD Gurus sought :)
> netbsd "libarch" (libi386 on i386) contains any processor-specific
> system calls, pretty much.  you want to build this probably.  on the
> i386 it has these functions:
> 	i386_get_mtrr
> 	i386_set_mtrr
> 	i386_pmc_info
> 	i386_pmc_read
> 	i386_pmc_startstop
> 	i386_vm86
> 	i386_set_ioperm
> 	i386_get_ioperm
> 	i386_iopl
> 	i386_set_ldt
> 	i386_get_ldt
> the names of which should be self explainitory to anyone who will
> understand what they do :-)  i believe X needs it for the ioperm
> and vm86 syscalls but i don't claim to understand it :-)

Okay. Then we should probably put that on the list of "things similarly
crucial to libc". I'll grab the source and try to compile it in the chroot
I currently have.
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