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Re: thoughts on architectures

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Andreas Schuldei wrote:

> Markus Brinkmanm (of HURD fame) has written this 
> http://master.debian.org/~brinkmd/arch-handling.txt
> which is mandatory reading for us.
> they (the hurd people) are very interested in working closely
> together with us, simply since we together might have enough
> weight to make debian make more architecture aware. they are
> both highly cooperativ and competent, so we better are nice to
> them. (c:
> please give some feedback on that document.

Marcus' scheme, or some development of it, is fine for people with access
to a full Debian archive.  The initial minimal installation of an os is
no problem.

However, we CD image builders are simple folk with an include/exclude
mentality and not much time for subtle distinctions.  What is more, we
tend to like excluding for space reasons.  Eg, should (Linux) kernel
source be included on a Hurd CD set?  It can be installed, but how useful
is it?  Kernel source is included in the Hurd CDs as the ftp archive is
set up this way.


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