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Re: dpkg patch

* utsl@quic.net [2002-02-02T16:32-0500]:
> Yes, I think we all have that problem. I'll write up a patch for
> configure to support wildcards. I think that's the only place that
> will actually need them. I've configured gcc to use
> i386-unknown-freebsd4, so dpkg finds that when it looks for the arch
> at runtime. (By looking at the path to gcc-lib. Yuck!)

I've submitted a wishlist bug with patch attached against dpkg to get
the architecture in a saner and more robust way (see
http://bugs.debian.org/131893) :)

> I think I can probably live with putting major version number in.
> They aren't as frequent.

I still fail to see why we need a version number in that string at all...
It's the {Free,Net,Open}BSD _release_ number AIUI, and we only take
the kernel...

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