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Checked in preliminary implementation of my build proposal

I've checked in a preliminary implementation of the build proposal I
made here.  It's very sketchy now, but you can all look at it and make

The packages directory contains a bsd-buildtools package, which
installs bsd-buildpackage in /usr/bin.  If you run this script in a
patch directory it will build a package and apply patches.

I've checked in a patch directory of bison as an example of how to set
up patch directories.

Clearly bsd-buildpackage needs more options like an option just to
apply the patches but not to do the build, options to pass options to
dpkg-buildpackage, etc, etc.  You probably also want an option to
build a new source package.

I'm going to look at Matthew's sources and start working on getting
patches of the right for into the CVS repository.

Other people should feel free to commit arbitrary improvements

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