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hi folks,

i am one of the newest interested peeps of the project, and since i
already had started developing my own Debian NetBSD before someone told
me about this project, i am desperate to go along. my personal progress
is far from mentioning if i see what this project already is. so i am
archiving it, and intend to join this project.

could i get some status information? who's on? who's who? what are
strategies? expectations?

- who's "in charge" (coordinator)?
- who's webmaster?
- who's a developer already?
- is there a cvs? if so, where?
- why sourceforge?

- is the decision on GNU userland solid?
- if you had to assign a version number, what would it be (to get an
  idea of progress)?

- how can i help?

i think this might be valuable information to document anyway, having it
on the list will allow for easy creation of a webpage.

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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