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Yeah, like, for instance, the mailing program you're using obviously has
nothing to do with GNU...

The reason why we should call this a GNU system is that it is the GNU project
is the reason why free operating systems are popular at all nowadays. Are you
one of those people who thinks "Linux" popped up because Linus Torvalds wrote a
kernel and then looked around for a userland to go with it and by pure
coincidence he found everything he needed? *clue bat* That wasn't a coincident
at all, it was a result of the GNU project, which was started back when Linus
Torvalds was running around in diapers. And GNU/Linux is what has made free
operating systems popular.

And even though we in this case have chosen not to use the GNU Kernel (which,
BTW, is called "HURD") nor the GNU C Library, we still have tons of GNU
software involved. autoconf, bash, binutils, bison, chill, cpio, cpp, file,
fileutils, findutils, gcc, info, less, m4, make, sed, shellutils, tar, etc. Not
exactly small stuff.

The Debian Project has chosen to associate itself with the ideals of the GNU
project and develop GNU-based and/or GNU-like operating systems, and that's
what we are doing here. We might as well say so.

- Michael

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