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Re: Progress report

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 17:46:07 +0100
Andreas Krennmair <a.krennmair@aon.at> wrote:

> * Michael Goetze <mgoetze5@yahoo.com> [011203 13:38]:
> > What's the last word on Web/CVS/FTP/whateverspace? Anyone?
> http://sf.net/projects/debian-bsd/
> Email me, I will add you to the project and make you project admin. CVS,
> Webspace, FTP space, ...
> Unfortunately _I_ currently have no time to contribute to Debian/BSD.

I wish Debian/BSD could get to the point that those with good, yet not
incredible C skills could start to contribute.  If there was just a very
shaky base system up and running, and package conversion was the thing,
I'm sure that you would see dozens upon dozens of packages converted in
the first few weeks.

Is there any way we can get over that initial hump?  

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