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Re: Progress report

> What do people think? Using 2.95 wherever possible might have the
> advantage of being easier given that patches already exist, but I can't
> really see them appearing in upstream. Trying to fix the gcc 3 development
> tree would probably be more rewarding in the long-term (we don't have to
> bombard the Debian maintainer with as many random patches), which gives me
> an excuse to become significantly more intimately acquainted with the gcc
> tree than I currently am :)

I say the main thing is that it gets the job done for now. If fixing up 3.x
means that the world will become a better place, great! If, however, fixing up
3.x means that Debian/BSD is going to get stuck in a rut and not move forward,
well, let's just stick to 2.95 until we get some more momentum. IMHO, of

I think it would be really useful if one of you chaps who have a preliminary
Debian-NetBSD environment could provide a dump sometime soon so that the rest
of us who are too lazy to do the whole thing from scratch can start getting
some work done. :)

What's the last word on Web/CVS/FTP/whateverspace? Anyone?

- Michael

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