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Progress report

I've got my NetBSD system up and running again. I'm slowly rebuilding the
packages that I lost after my laptop was stolen, but ought to be back to
the point of having all the trivial stuff dealt with shortly. gcc-current
appears to succesfully build on NetBSD without extra patching, so
presumably by the time 3.1 is released we should have a compiler we can
build without extra patches beyond what Debian uses already. There's
currently a gcc package building. I'll move on to libc next. Once we have
that, we ought to have enough of base to build a semi-useable chrooted
environment for further building. The machine the files were previously
available on has been stuck behind a firewall I have no control over, so
once I have more stuff built I'll move it to an accessible system.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59@srcf.ucam.org

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