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Re: state of the different chroot environments

As I said, I'll try to get time to make a tar of what I have now, and upload somewhere. However, "working" is stretching things a bit. There are parts that actually work, and parts that are badly broken.

Some of the current bugs and glitches: 1. sysvinit/who breaks on utmp.h Wartan may have this solved. I need to try his solution, and figure out how to roll it into my freebsd-libc4-dev package. 2. libc and passwd utils are apparently incompatible with Debian's. shadow is handled differently, and currently there is no shadow inside the chroot. There are quite a few dependacies on getting this stuff fixed. 3. libiberty not part of libc, and it requires hacks for a lot of native Debian packages that aren't detecting this in configure. Some of the regular GNU packages are getting confused about this, too. Need a good strategy. 4. dpkg -l is broken. Not sure why, but dpkg -l output has a huge number of blank lines, and it's unreadable. It works fine outside the chroot, (dpkg --root=/foo -l) but not in it. Probably just need to recompile inside chroot. 5. dpkg configure script thinks g++ is a cross-compiler. Need to figure out why, and fix it. 6. Something weird is happening with bash filename completion. It behaves differently in the chroot than in Linux or normal FreeBSD. Something wrong with readline? 7. Perl isn't quite right. It acts a little strange, and I think it's got some @INCLUDE paths wrong. Perl 5.6 won't compile, and 5.005 required some brute force. (These are from memory, I'm undoubtedly missing things...) thefly writes:
I'm of the same idea of Michael, a *working* system would be apreaciated helping ppl to begin to work on something less ephimeral. In this way ppl know little about the state of development Claudio

On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 05:10:52AM -0700, Michael Goetze wrote:

I think it would be really helpful at this stage to get some tarballs
out of "working" systems. That way, people like me, who don't have
quite enough time/motivation/experience/whatever to bootstrap their
very own system, but who do want to help, can get started...
- Michael
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