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Re: state of the different chroot environments

I think it would be really helpful at this stage to get some tarballs
out of "working" systems. That way, people like me, who don't have
quite enough time/motivation/experience/whatever to bootstrap their
very own system, but who do want to help, can get started...

- Michael

--- utsl@quic.net wrote:
> I have gcc and binutils in my FreeBSD chroot. If I get a chance, I'll
> make a tar of it before I go on vacation, but I probably won't have
> time. :-(
> I've attached the dpkg -l from my chroot. These packages mostly work,
> but there are a few that aren't working yet. I've begun packaging
> FreeBSD components, starting with the libc. Still trying to figure
> how to handle shadow passwords, because the FreeBSD libc and utils
> apparently incompatible with Debian's utils.

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