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re: state of the different chroot environments

   NetBSD chroot environment, and I didn't even manage to compile it (it
   stopped compiling with a strange error message, namely an assembler
   error message, that some alignment is not the power of 2; I tried both

this looks like the a.out vs ELF compiler problem.  not surprising,
but see below.

   the gcc found in /usr/src/gnu and the vanilla 2.95.[23] from
   ftp.gnu.org). So, if anybody can tell me whether any of these has gcc
   or at least can give me a hint how to compile a 2.95.2 gcc on NetBSD,
   I'd be very thankful.

gcc-current should work today and i can supply patches for anyone wanting
gcc 3.0 to work.  for 2.95*, i suggest downloading the latest NetBSD
GNU source and building from gnu/dist/toolchain{/gcc}.  the problem was
that the ELF code was not contributed until recently and isn't part of
2.95 or 3.0 (it may be in 3.0.1 but i haven't heard.)


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