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state of the different chroot environments


In the last few days I again did a little bit of work for Debian BSD. In
the last 2 months I didn't have any time to look at it, because I first
had stress in school, then I was an international scout camp, I
currently working for a software company writing a network-based
intrusion detection system, which will possibly be open-sourced. I
just want to ask what the current state of the different chroot
environments is? AFAICR, there were two, the one running on NetBSD, the
other one running on FreeBSD. Does any of these already have an included
gcc and binutils? I ask because I wanted to integrate gcc into the
NetBSD chroot environment, and I didn't even manage to compile it (it
stopped compiling with a strange error message, namely an assembler
error message, that some alignment is not the power of 2; I tried both
the gcc found in /usr/src/gnu and the vanilla 2.95.[23] from
ftp.gnu.org). So, if anybody can tell me whether any of these has gcc
or at least can give me a hint how to compile a 2.95.2 gcc on NetBSD,
I'd be very thankful.

Best regards,
Andreas Krennmair
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