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A web presence for debian-bsd?


I once heard about debian-bsd, and went looking for it. I could only find a few
articles here and there, and the mailinglist. Does debian-bsd a 'web presence'?

I've been browsing though the list's archives for a bit (and subscribed),
and there seems to be a lot of potential. But I think we will need a website
of some sort to describe, for example, the goals and status of the project.

Basically, I think we want to be mentioned whereever Debian GNU/Hurd is
mentioned. That would mean a link at www.debian.org/ports and a website at

Maybe there isn't yet very much to put up, but if we could just put everything
up on which is a general consensus, that would be a very good start indeed.
People who don't know the project yet should be able to find it and get an
idea of the status quickly, then sign up to the mailinglist if they decide it's
interesting. Right now, it seems 'obscure' from the outside, which scares off
people :)

Ideas, comments, flames?

Arnout Engelen <a.engelen@gmx.net>

Gelezen in de Debian Packaging Manual:
   It is assumed that the reader is reasonable familiar with the dpkg
   System Administrators' manual. Unfortunately this manual does not
   yet exist.

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