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Re: Porting issues, work with debian-hurd

"Nathan Hawkins" <utsl@quic.net> writes:

> * The Hurd shares filesystem code with Linux (ext2), while BSD uses
> native filesystem.

Hurd can use either ext2 or UFS (i.e. BSD FFS) filesystems. The ext2
code is better-tested at the moment, but you could use either.

> * The Hurd uses a different filesystem layout. Last I heard it
> didn't even use /usr.

On current Hurd systems (and my Linux system) /usr is a symlink to /;
discussion on the debian-hurd list suggested that there was no
particular technical reason for this other than that currently Hurd
systems don't have an equivalent to Linux's ld.so.conf, so you have to
set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your boot scripts if you have libraries
anywhere other than /lib and suid stuff breaks. There are good
philosophical reasons for not having a separate /usr, but it's not
going to break anything, and most packages generally don't need to

Adam Sampson <azz@gnu.org>                  <URL:http://azz.us-lot.org/>

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