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Re: Porting issues, work with debian-hurd

I'm don't follow the Hurd project closely, because it's of limited interest to me. However, I do try to stay informed.

Here are some obvious differences: * The Hurd is using glibc, while Debian BSD will need to start with native libc. The different libc accounts for most of my problems right now... * The Hurd has a much different kernel architecture. BSD and Linux are more similar to each other than to the Hurd. * I think the Hurd works with the same toolchain as Linux. Somebody tell me if I'm wrong on this. FreeBSD won't build with GNU make. * Most GNU configure scripts already have configurations for FreeBSD, but some of those configurations are wrong for the Debian/FreeBSD. The Hurd shouldn't have that problem. * The Hurd shares filesystem code with Linux (ext2), while BSD uses native filesystem. * The Hurd uses a different filesystem layout. Last I heard it didn't even use /usr. BSD uses a different one from Linux, but Debian/BSD is likely to try for FHS compliance. So Debian/Hurd will be trying to fit Debian packages to a different layout, while Debian/BSD will be trying to get BSD to live in Debian layout. Now for similarities that I'm aware of: * Both have problems with Linux-specific packages. * Both will occasionally need to alter packages rules files to configure correctly. I copied from the Hurd stuff to get perl working. * Both are abusing the architecture concept in Debian. This needs to be changed. Even some Linux ports are running into difficulties and limitations with it. (i.e. ia64 and ultrasparc support both 32 and 64 bit libraries and binaries, but there are some complications.) * Both have to make more changes to the base system than the Linux ports do. Most Linux ports mainly need a boot loader and a some patches. Both the Hurd and BSD will need to have more packages that are specific to their kernels. * Both are going to need major changes to the installation system.

All that said, I think it's just a little early to start this. Once there is more progress on this end, I think it could be a very good idea. I think it would definitely be beneficial to work with the Hurd group on proposing virtual packages for the base system. This could help to insulate the rest of the system from the parts that are different from Linux. But building something that works should come first. ---Nathan thomas poindessous writes:
I read both debian-bsd and debian-hurd.
The two projects seems to have similar porting issues. Maybe the two projects could work together on some issues.
Thomas Poindessous
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