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update on Debian/FreeBSD

The list has been quiet the last couple days, so I thought I'd post some
updates from my adventures with FreeBSD:

Good news:
*  I built my first package in the chroot. Bash was giving me problems with
   libreadline, so I decided to try it in the chroot, and it worked. I had to
   force install it though, because base-passwd isn't working yet.
*  Figured out how to "fix" dpkg-shlibdeps. It wanted to use ldd on shared
   libs, but I hacked it to get a list of libs from ldconfig -r instead. It
   seems to work now.
*  Just built a package for the FreeBSD libc. That's the first step in my 
   multi-binary package for /usr/src. That was lots of fun... It actually seems
   to be working!

Bad news:
*  utmp: just about everything that compiles against utmp.h fails. Debian
   tools are expecting a SysV-ish utmp, and it just isn't there.
*  libiberty: some of the Debian-specific packages are expecting getopt_long
   to be in libc. I'm temporarily using freelibiberty from the ports to get
   things working. Probably will need to fix configure, and possibly include
   the libiberty stuff into those packages.
*  shadow.h: FreeBSD doesn't seem to implement the standard shadow password
   functions in it's libc. (No getspnam and friends.) So far, I've learned that
   this breaks base-passwd.

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