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Re: Soooooooo...

On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 12:40:26AM -0700, Michael Goetze wrote:
> ...what's up, folks? How's the porting coming along? Anyone heard of

Hmm. The stage where I came to is a rather big disappointement in NetBSD.
I can't formulate the straight reasons, but it seem to me that it needs
rather big amount of work to be even close to FreeBSD in the means of
feature-richness, speed and so on (for example, it's lack of russian locales
pissed me off :)
It's my personal feeling, so don't take it close :)

So, my suggestion is like this: if somebody wants to continue work on NetBSD
-- that's great. I propose to those people, who like all the thing to
be running on top of FreeBSD to form another "development group",
and start working this way. Of course, we will coordinate our efforts :)

P.S. Shit, my English is getting worse and worse :)

Regards, Wartan.
echo "Your stdio isn't very std." 
		-- Larry Wall in Configure from the perl distribution

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