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Re: Developer servers

hhehehe thanks Pier, but I have already evaluated this possibility
and this will imply to have a distributed accounting system
quite annoying to administer. My idea was to have a central
system were developers can connect in a very restricted environment
and then telnet to the developer server in a very simple way.
In this way developers can have more advantages without any problem.
For instance if they are going to destroy something I don't have to get
to reinstall the box with tons of things that can break during a
phase (ex ssh, openssl, pam, etc and reinstall the home + keys and
things like that)
and they don't have to take care of a misconfigured server in order to
prevent DoS to my network and things like that....
but right now I didn't get any answer on how they prefer those boxes.
So if I will not get anything in few time I will revert them to
workstations :)


Pierfrancesco Caci wrote:
> :-> "Fabbione" == Fabbione  <fabbione@fabbione.net> writes:
>     > Unfortunatly I will have only one ip address on the real internet that's
>     > mean that all the developers will have to jump on my "external" server
>     > and
>     > from there to the box they need to use but I think this should not be a
>     > problem.
> You could statically PAT the internal machines so that ssh is
> available on, for exampple, 10022 on the first machine, 20022 on the
> second and so on.
> I'm sure a firewall guru as you will have fun configuring that :-)
> Pf
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