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Developer servers

Hi all,
	I'm on the way to receive my adsl (i hope soon)
and to place some machine on the internet for this project.
I would like to discuss with some of you few points so that
they can be really usefull.

I've 3 boxes at the moment (one i386, one Amiga 4k and one Sparc 2)
first off I would like to hear from you how you prefer to have the
partitions on these system taking into account that all of them
will have an nfs mount /usr/src on a 33Gb raid that will also export
a local mirror of debian (i386 + sources).

The i386 has 4Gb and the other 2 stations has 2x1Gb scsi disks each one.
Soon there will be another i386 but I don't know exactly when.

Unfortunatly I will have only one ip address on the real internet that's
mean that all the developers will have to jump on my "external" server
from there to the box they need to use but I think this should not be a

Actually I'm experiencing some problems installing NetBSD on those boxes
but the major issue is on the i386 that's a laptop and the pcmcia
hang after the first ping. That's mean that I bring up the interface and
the first packet reach the card I got an "IRQ timeout" and the network
is dead...
Any clue on how to fix it?????? (tried with differents ethernet cards).


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